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'Ride' - New Single and Video Available August 22nd

Posted by Ingrid Chavez on

Coming Soon...

Deep Dive Corp. meets Ingrid Chavez - "Ride"

Ride is the latest collaboration between Deep Dive Corp. and Ingrid Chavez. Previous collaborations have included special remixes of Non Toxic, and My Sky

'Ride' is an emotional and haunting reimagining of a song that was Black Eskimo's first release from their debut EP, "Deep"

The single and video will be released on August 22nd followed by live performances of at WUNDERBAR festival in Bremen, Germany on September 03, and at God Goes Deep in Copenhagen, Denmark on September 09. Ingrid will perform with members of Deep Dive Corp., Mashti Project, and Hush Forever

 Click on the image below to listen NOW

Deep Dive Corp. meets Ingrid Chavez "Ride"





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10 people + Ingrid Chavez + Skype

Posted by Michael Pearson on

Join Ingrid Chavez for an intimate Q & A. Only 10 people will be a part of this intimate live Skype chat.

The next 10 people who purchase the My Sky Poetry & Music Journal will be part of this special event. Don't miss this rare opportunity to discuss music, poetry and art with the artist Ingrid Chavez. Purchase your journal now to be the 1 of the 10. 

Each of the first 10 people to order the journal will be notified via email with details and dates for the live Q & A discussion with the artist Ingrid Chavez. 



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