My Sky Poetry & Music Journal

My Sky Poetry & Music Journal
"October's a Blur" 
"Non Toxic"
"My Sky" Remixed EP
"Deep & Heady" album
"Memories of Flying"
"My Sky" handwritten poem by Ingrid Chavez on 2" x 5" rice paper
Original signed 4" x 4" art prints - by the artist Ingrid Chavez 
Original signed art print 6" x 4" - by the artist Marco Valentin
Revolution (Black Eskimo's Memories of Flying Re-imagining)
Special version taken from Vanessa Daou "Revolution Remixed" EP. Courtesy of KID Recordings and Daou Records
Ganga feat. Ingrid Chavez "Non Toxic" Previously unavailable album mix taken from the upcoming album 'Reptile Routine' by Ganga. Courtesy of Flinc Records and KID Recordings
Black Eskimo "My Sky Remixed". Courtesy of Ten Windows Records
Black Eskimo "Deep & Heady". Courtesy of Ten Windows Records
My Sky Poetry & Music Journal will not be reproduced and is available to purchase for a limited time. Products may vary. My Sky Poetry & Music Journal is sold exclusively through the 10Windows Store
My Sky Poetry & Music JournaljMy Sky Handwritten Poem by Ingrid Chavez